Facebook Etiquette Musings


I am a bit of a Facebook addict. I work as a freelance graphic designer from my home, in a comfortable little “office” formerly known as a guest room. I have a beautiful iMac computer with a large screen, on which I often view my friends’ statuses, updates, travel photos, favorite quotes, and more.

It’s the “more” that I’d like to address today. When I am taking a break from working, I often scroll down my Facebook page filling my full 24″ screen, and let me tell you, there are some things which were not meant to be shared at this size.

I love you, friends, and I would never block you or choose not to see your posts, because 99% of the time I just love what you share with me.

But, here’s what I could stand to see less of in 2015.

Injuries. Yours, your pet’s, your child’s…

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